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  • Students are expected to be courteous at all times to other students and Miss Charlotte, there is no tolerance for bullying or bad behaviour. 

  • Students should arrive promptly in time for classes.

  • Students need to be under parental supervision when not in the class room

  • Students must be collected promptly after class.

  • Hair must be styled neatly for classes.

  • Correct footwear and uniforms must be worn for classes.

  • Consistent attendance and effort is key to improvement and students must attend classes regularly or they may be placed in a lower class.

  • Please note that I do not allow the use of mobile phones/ cameras or any other visual recording equipment in the studio.




Fees can be paid by cheque or cash.  If you are paying for classes up front please make sure you have paid within the first two weeks of the new term.

Please give at least 6 weeks notice if you are not attending a class due to holiday or you will be charged for the class.

Dishonoured cheques will incur a fee of £10.00




  • Students will be invited to perform in our annual school performance, a chance to shine and show what you have learned throughout the year.  Information will be available for this nearer the time.

  • Please note, payment for Showtime costumes will be needed in June, each child will have a different amount of costumes depending on the numbers they will be dancing in the shows.

  •  I reserve the right to take a child out of the show dance if they are not attending regular classes/rehearsals.

  • Please note, if you have taken any photos during the shows we would respectfully request you to refrain from posting these on Social Media... Facebook etc unless everyone in the pictures or video have give their consent.

  • When students are deemed ready they will be put through for IDTA examinations.




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